How to get voting tickets✨
(VTs = voting tickets)1. Send VTs to Friends(Difficulty: Low)Tap ①  to send VTs to your friends(You can send VTs 3 times per day to each friend)and tap ② to receive VTs sent from friends(You must receive all VTs in Mail Box until 23:59 of the day (KST).After that the VTs are not available to receive) Q. How to make friends?A. Write a post to find someonewhose bias is the same as yours.And tap the user's profile imageto send a friend request 🙂   2. Watch Video ADs(Difficulty: Low)Tap ①  to watch
Validity Period of Cash and VTs👆
🚨Validity Period of Cash and Voting Tickets🚨1. Cash : valid for 1 year after received2. Voting tickets from ads, promotions or friends: valid for 90 days after received3. Voting tickets which you charged from "Charge VTs" item: valid for 90 days after charged
‘Friends’ features👆
Q. What is 'Friend' feature?A. on the ‘Friend’ menu, you can make friendsand send/receive voting ticketsbetween you and the friends.Q. If I send VTs to my friends, are VTs that I own going to be gone?A. No, your VTs will remain andyour friend will get ‘additional’ VTs.Q. Wow! we get more extra VTsas we make more friends then?!A. Yes😊 you'll get additional VTsas you have more friends.BUT, you must verify your mobile numberfor the purpose of interacting with 'REAL' friends.You can only have 3 frie
FanPlus Offerwall Guide
🚨 We cannot give you voting tickets in case of the following cases below:(In case of matter as below, you may not see the missions/campaigns you participated in.)As of Dec. 2021 1. If you already participated in the mission on FanPlus or other servicesMultiple participation is not possible. Please check if you already participated in the mission for the first time on FanPlusAs soon as you move to AppStore/GooglePlay Store page by clicking the campaign, that counts as you participated in the camp
Friend Invite Challenge 🙌
Hi guys!Let's take a look at "Friend Invite Challenge"! 🎊🎉 :) .ㅇ.ㅇ...Q. What is ‘Friend Invite Challenge'?It is a special challenge incl. invite missions.Your invited friend and you both can get rewards..Invite at least 5 friends and get 3,500 cash and 3,000 VTs right away!Once you complete the invite missions, you can get max. 180 Million VTs!..*Users who already invited max. 100 friends can also participateComplete each mission and get bonus too ‼️Complete all invite missions and get max. 180